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Your Child's Reading needs at the click of a button 

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What Parents say about US


“Absolutely Lovely reads in each pack. And we love the personalised book marks and other little gifts that come along each month. My little one eagerly looks forward to his monthly gift."


“My 7 y/o is excited to open his box for the books & special small gifts. He has received chapter books, interesting boys stories, biographies, and history books. His interest in reading has rocketed! This is the best investment."

“Very thoughtfully curated collections! It’s a very thoughtfully put together set with varied genres of reading and workbooks from the best sources which are age suited."
Monthly dose of reading

“It indeed lives upto its name... it is my child's full months reading and activities. Amazingly priced and the team goes out of their way to ensure we are happy. A beautiful mix of English and Hindi to keep the kids excited and engaged!

What is inside the box? 

Books for kids

Each month a pack with delightfully exciting books custom picked and carefully chosen according to the age of our stars.

  • Age appropriate and hand-picked books

  • From across leading publishers

  • Books covering a myriad of topics and learnings

  • Mix of storybooks, activity books, workbooks, art and craft

  • Oodles of fun to keep our roskstars learning

Why subscribe to us?

Paper Structures


Our Sets are specially curated with care and love by experts with 69 years+ experience in the publishing industry. Each book is carefully selected and researched to help expand the child's horizon. We search and identify titles that are perfect additions to your child's reading list each month.

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Best Value

Our commitment is to provid the best value to our little Rockstars. The combined value of the books in each pack is higher than the monthly subscription amount paid.


Easy & Fuss Free

Each month you get a range of books delivered right to your doorstep! Your child's monthly dosage of reading at the click of a botton. Just spend time reading with and to them! And our boo books are for keeps to help build a vibrant home library for kids.


Immense Variety

Each monthly set is a combination of storybooks, workbooks and activity books that are fun, age appropriate and span across both classic and modern genres!

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